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Armando Neutel - Keynote Speaker

Armando Neutel

Keynote Speaker

Armando Neutel was born running towards excellence. As a baby, a seizure disorder kept him in and out of hospital, but his faith growing up kept him focused on greater things to come. At the age of 17 he joined Portuguese Naval Academy, rising quickly among the ranks to become a Naval Officer reaching a role where he had 75 people under his care. He was also an active member of NATO working on detection technology. He left after the last commission of 6 years of service in Director of Ships and moved into private sector.

On top of that Armando’s heart’s journey to evangelize the masses has lead him to Macedonia, Mozambique and Kenya to share the gospel, where he was an evangelist to the country poorest citizens and on to Brazil, eventually moving there to mentor other leaders while working in the corporate world. Armando has sailed and worked around the world within his professional leadership roles, visiting over 30 countries and speaks fluently in 3 languages. He moved to California in 2015 where he currently lives with his wife and kids working as Senior Engineering Program Manager.

Armando is an engineer, physicist and electronics industry executive who holds 10 patents and has worked for the top 2 tech companies in the world and enjoys the role of Christian Leadership and sharing with others about Christ.