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Claudia Amaro - Keynote Speaker

Claudia Amaro

Keynote Speaker

Claudia Amaro is a keynote speaker and Cross-Cultural Leadership Coach who addresses the way immigration has affected our nation in the past, and how it continues to do so today. She is passionate about social causes and speaks on diversity in the workplace.

Claudia has remarkable back story that brings attention to solutions that are necessary to create change, her personal journey about starting over is inspirational and focuses on the astonishing strengths that emerged and endured while shaping a new life in America.

No has never been an option for Claudia and she wants to make a difference by becoming a voice for others regarding this and other important topics. She is determined to see the graduation rates for young Latinos to rise. Claudia is the host of Planet Venus on La Raza 99.7 and is an independent business owner. As a graduate of Wichita Leadership Academy, Claudia enjoys motivating others to follow their dreams by reaching for hers.