Danielle Norwood is a rising star with 580 WIBW TOPEKA. She is an Keynote Speaker/Reporter and the host of the DANIELLE NORWOOD SHOW. Her tag line “Adding some Sass & Class to your Day!” spills over into everything she does.

Danielle was encouraged and mentored by a station owner at an early age to pursue a career in radio. Her touching and emotional backstory will encourage and motivate all audiences who have faced adversity and injustice along the way.

TOOLS OF INFLUENCE Danielle has been recognized by the Kansas Association of Broadcasters and has received the Honorable Mention Special Program Award for her daily show.

SOWING SEEDS OF GREATNESS She is also a popular celebrity appearing at many events as a keynote speaker and a Mistress of Ceremonies. Danielle has a varied business background in the radio industry and has a special heart for young people, having been involved with youth leadership in her church. During her time as the Public Relations Director at the YWCA, she developed a curriculum to emphasize building healthy self-esteem, encourage cultural diversity, and to foster team building skills through personal development. Whether on air or onstage, Danielle’s goal is to empower, inspire and entertain with her quick wit, emotional intelligence, and savvy business sense.

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