Keynote Speaker

Dr. Eugene Lipov, MD Keynote Speaker

Dr. Eugene Lipov, MD

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Eugene Lipov is American Board certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Management, and the founder and Medical Director at Advanced Pain Centers. He is also Chief Science Officer for the Global Post Traumatic Stress Injury Foundation.

Dr. Lipov’s mission is to erase PTSD and rename it PTSI. Through his groundbreaking discovery that post traumatic stress is actually a physical injury to the sympathetic nervous system, he is working to call it PTSI instead. His work finding a way to reset to a pre-trauma state through treatment, is offering hope and healing where there hasn’t been any before to countless patients around the world.

Previous to his innovation and reconfiguration of the century-established stellate ganglion
block injection, Dr. Lipov has achieved success in helping others elevate pain, anxiety, and even the symptoms of menopause through his treatments for pain management.

Dr. Lipov’s innovation is made available to anyone who has experienced the effects of any form of trauma throughout the world, and has been called one of the greatest medical innovations of the 21st century.