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Dr. Reed Timmer - Keynote Speaker - Storm Chaser

Dr. Reed Timmer

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Reed Timmer is an extreme storm chaser and highly recognized in the public eye from the reality television series Storm Chasers on the Discovery Channel. Reed has a PhD in Meteorology from the University of Oklahoma and is the designer of the SRV Dominator vehicles used for chasing tornadoes. 

His insatiable curiosity to unlock the secrets inside a tornado has lead him to shooting a rocket into a tornado, and monitoring the live data sent back by the probe which ascended to 35,000 feet within minutes. The probe eventually plummeted to earth at 123 miles per hour, giving Reed and his team much to celebrate. It is his quest for analyzing data that keeps him busy chasing tornadoes and hurricanes across the country.

Reed has documented over 1000 tornadoes and has also chased and intercepted a vast amount of hurricanes, floods and blizzards providing up to the minute reporting that has saved countless lives.

Reed has been on the front row of some of the most massive storms of the past 2 decades including Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the Super Outbreak in “Dixie Alley” in 2011. He is a published author of three books on weather, and is highly engaged on social media with footage from his YouTube channel and other social media outlets reaching over 31 million views. Reed has been a popular guest on the Jay Leno Show, Good Morning America, Fox News, the Ted Talk stage, plus countless interviews.

Reed lives in Golden Colorado, with his trusty assistant Gizmo.