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Janice Perkins - Keynote Speaker Wichita

Janice Perkins

Keynote Speaker

 Janice Perkins is the Principal of Capacity Communications unifying internal company culture with the external brand reputation. She  created Capacity Communications to examine individual levels of growth within organizations to find opportunities for increase productivity and profits.

 Janice is a business and leadership expert utilizing her 20 plus years of marketing experience in her career to evaluate internal and external communication, while building a more successful strategy and business model for success. Common sense marketing with well founded research can drive actual results, and with Process Communication Model training, another layer of depth is added to marketing performance and certainty in effective communication.

 Janice is a sought after keynote speaker, marketing consultant, and corporate trainer for workshops or breakout sessions. She has used the communication training in her personal and professional life for over 18 years making her a People Genius. Her topics include The Art of Persuasion, Escaping Drama in the Workplace and Unpacking Assumptions. Janice resides in Wichita, Kansas.