Jim Price – Keynote Speaker

When the duty of freedom called in 2019, Jim’s answer was to start The Jim Price Show. His mission was simple: to bring a better world for those that do not know or understand freedom.

Since then, Jim has grown his platform, from AM Radio, FM radio, podcast, to syndicate TV, with an international reach. He is currently an Epoch Times contributor and on platforms CloutHub, Facebook, YouTube, Rumble, iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Podcast to spread his message.

Jim’s main goal is to teach life changing lessons with the great purpose of reawakening American

Patriotism in our country. He believes there is
a Patriot that is in each of us and we have to be the right people for the right time. Jim has been a leading voice to press for fair elections, to protect our individual liberties and to defend our civil rights. His goal is to protect the Constitution and

for America to be a fair Republic for We The People. Jim is a excellent speaker for civic, business and leadership audiences, and connects the dots between today’s headlines and how they affect our daily

lives and our future.

Jim is a father of four, a former youth pastor, wrestling and football coach, and played on the 2015 National Championship Wichita Barbarian Men’s

Rugby Team. He enjoys riding his motorcycle, sports, his three dogs and getting together with friends.