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Juan A Garcia - Keynote Speaker

Juan A. Garcia

Keynote Speaker

JUAN A. GARCIA is a graduate of the university of Texas and a veteran of the United States Armed Forces. He is regarded as the nation’s leading multi-national premier entrepreneur, having developed a very impressive client list in the United States and Latin America, including President Vicente Fox of Mexico.

Juan is know for his can do spirit and unwillingness to accept mediocrity when representing his clients. Renowned for his keen sense for business trending, Juan has advised senior executives in numerous industries who have sought out his counsel in developing strategies for launching their brand in Mexico and the rest of Latin America, Blessed with an innate ability to drill down to the code issues within business situations he is sought out by many business people in the United States and foreign countries. He shares his fundamentals of leadership and success with business and industry experts at conferences and seminar events.

Juan A. Garcia is currently involved in the development of sustainable and renewable technologies in water, electricity, and lighting areas that will help commercial and governmental entities reduce their human carbon foot print to assist in cleaning up the environment. He has commissioned the development of technologies that will help in the creation of clean water and the saving energy. As Canada ushered in the broad legalization of cannabis, Juan has also been a consultant for the Mexican government as they set the stage to follow.