Keynote Speaker

Kimberly Gordon Garcia - Keynote Speaker

Kimberly Gordon Garcia

Keynote Speaker

Kim is the CEO and Licensed International Forensic Handwriting Practitioner & Analyst for the Seed of Wellness Center, LLC., where she is an expert in the field of Neuro Grapho Therapeutics, or NGT, the adaptable changes to a person by making changes in their handwriting.

Kim conducts clinics to explain NGT and has been responsible for changing hundreds of lives across the world by permanently eliminating all seeds of trauma, abuse, anxiety, fear, sadness, anger, addictions, post-traumatic stress disorder, and suicidal thoughts.

She works with teachers, counselors, state agencies and members of law enforcement to educate them concerning handwriting traits to detect aggressive behaviors, drugs, theft, suicidal tendency and much more.

Kim conducts Handwriting for Healing Forums and Women’s Empower Group sessions, and speaks to groups sharing wisdom and insight to help others identify and cause and the chance to reach positive solutions and achieve their desired outcomes into new beginnings.

Kim’s proven methods have helped many turn their careers and lives around and she can show your company the science behind our emotions that impact our handwriting. With simple and deliberate changes, your team or employees can rise to their highest potential and increase productivity in the workplace.