Mark Potter Testimonials

“Coach Mark Potter delivered a very powerful and very real account of his own struggles with depression. His story revealed that even the toughest and most successful individuals within our community are not immune to depression and anxiety. His story brought laughter and tears by both students and adults. His wife’s perspective brought to the forefront how depression affects the entire family and can paralyze it if it is ignored. The Potter’s ability to deal with it as family through prayer and therapy was both uplifting and inspiring.”

Chirs Bloomer
Kapun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School

“I am so thankful for you because you gave me the courage to get my husband help even if he wouldn’t go willingly. This is only the beginning and we have a long road but now we are on the right track”


“You obviously prepared well for relating your presentation to our business. I have heard noting but positive responses. Your message and presence was another example of God’s perfectly placed gifts”

Jeff Lange,
Red Guard Owner

“Thank you very much for speaking to our faculty today. Your are correct when you stated that is your calling. you are helping many people. I can’t help but (selfishly) think that God put you here in Pittsburgh today for me to hear.”


“As an educator, the scariest thing I can imagine is pulling 750 students from class, putting them in an auditorium with a guest speaker and talking about depression, but that is exactly what we did and we tasked Coach Mark Potter with the responsibility of making it a success. Coach Potter’s story about his battle with depression is compelling and his message to kids about getting help is appropriate, relevant, and passionate. In my nine years in education, I have never seen a group of 750 kids mroe engaged with a guest speaker. More important than the talk, for us, was the outcome. I met with several students over the course of the next few weeks who stpped forward to advocate for help in their own struggle with depression. I would highly recommended Coach Potter to any high school that is willing to have the difficult discussion about metal health.”

Adam Melichar,
Counselor at Maize South High School

Steve Sax Testimonials

“Awesome Steve! You have made a HUGE difference this week in lives of 450+ people!!! What a blessing you are to this town! Your energy was so contagious to the entire group and they needed it! I can never thank you enough! You changed people’s lives this week!”

Cindy Cotta,
SAP Consulting- February 2016

“Hearing Steve Sax’s emotional story of leading by example has been instrumental is giving our sales team the drive and focus necessary to create a company of top performers in this New Year.”

Jennifer Raid,
Project Manager,
Posey Company- March 2014

“To be perfectly honest, when we booked Stave Sax as a keynote speaker I had some reservations. After all, what would a baseball player have to say to a group of electric industry professionals that they haven’t already heard? I’m very happy to say that I’m glad my optimism broke out of my pessimism. Steve related to our members in a dynamic presentation that brought the entire crowd to examine their outlook on adversity. His stories about his career entertained and educated. The question and answer portion, quite frankly, gained the most attention and folks talked about him for months after the meeting. He made me look good, bringing him on board.”

Mike Vinson,
Executive Director,
Tennessee Municipal Electric Power Association, -July 2014

“Steve Sax has the experience and the real life stories of overcoming obstacles at the highest level of Major League Baseball. Steve’s story of the competitive spirit, in all walks of life, will impact you whether on the baseball field, in corporate leadership, or with your individual success. When meeting Steve Sax you instantly relish the unique and uncommon man that he has always been and his genuine personality and passion are instantly revealed.
We recently had the opportunity to have Steve come speak to the team after a practice this fall. Steve talked to the players about facing challenges head-on and embracing the efforts required to overcome. His emphasis on positivity and how that translates to leadership was an excellent message for the players and coaches. His message is as relevant off the field as on and we plan to have Steve come speak at our annual baseball banquet as our feature speaker.”

Coach Todd Butler
Wichita State University, October 2015

Anthony Powell Testimonials

“I can’t remember when the group had that much fun laughing at a meeting before! We really enjoyed Anthony Powell’s humor, energy and personality”

East Rotary Club of Wichita

Mindy East Testimonials

“Mindy, You have been so easy to work with, I am paying the total fee now with good faith our speaker will be as good as you.”

Rosie-State Bank of Burton

“Mindy East is a wonderful public relations entity in my numerous operations, having proven herself available, thoughtful, attentive and creative. Mindy gets things done and only needs to be asked once. She is a self-starter and thinks “outside the box” which is very refreshing. I’d highly recommend Mindy professionally and as a quality human being.”

Tim Wofford
CEO and Founder of SmartBody LLC

Scot Pierce’s Testimonials

“Interesting speaker! Great sense of humor that could keep many people on their toes to keep up! Confident, but in a way still humble. I liked the way he introduced a little divine guidance in to his antidotes! “

Ric Wolford
Douglas Photographic

Ron Roecker

“Ron is a wealth of ideas and creativity. Once you get him keyed into your passion and goals, his mind literally lights on fire and ideas just start happening.”

Larissa Uredi
Director of Business Development at No/Where Consultants

“Ron is a very creative individual with a lot of passion for his work. He invests time in understanding the audiences he is communication to, which makes the difference in what he recommends and executes.”

Stacey Bailey
Strategic Communications Leader

“Ron is a pleasure to work with. The perfect mix of professionalism and fun.”

Sami Bradley
Sr. Director, Governance at The Recording Academy

“Ron Roecker rocks. He is both genius and grace under pressure. His ideas inspire, and deliver.”

Marcia P. Hrichirson
Producer: Life Events, Conferences, Ceremonies, Podcasts/Radio/TV, VIP Diplomatic Logistics, Voice Talent, Writer.