Former Pro Athlete / Life CoachSteve Sax

Steve’s background experience as a wealth manager, a two time World Series Champion, and Rookie of the Year position him as an influencer and thought leader. Having a star athlete and sports celebrity such as Steve share his fundamentals of success and leadership with your organization, is a sure way to motivate employees, conference attendees and clients. Steve’s emotional journey of playing for the MLB spanned 18 years will inspire others to greatness and boost employee morale. He is an certified executive business and life coach and is available for workshops and breakout sessions to develop the leader within.

A&E’S First 48 SeriesJoseph Schillaci

Real life homicide detective, retired captain Joseph Schillaci was featured on A&E’s First 48, a reality TV series set in Miami, Florida. Joseph brings the drama of investigating high profile murder cases and his experience as an undercover narcotics cop to the podium in his passion as a professional speaker. Joseph has traveled the country speaking to audiences on a wide range of topics from anti-bullying, PTSD, to developing communication and stress management skills based on the techniques he learned from his years working Miami Vice, and now used for building strong leadership and positive relationships in the work place, school or training academy.

Extreme Weather ExpertMike Smith

Mike Smith holds the highest awards in the science of meteorology, 30 patents, board certification and other honors too numerous to mention. He is the expert on extreme weather and its effects on people and businesses.

One of the creators of the modern storm warning system, Mike is a superb speaker and writer with a rare gift for making the scientific and technical understandable and interesting. Whether you are looking for entertainment, inspiration or enhanced profitability, Mike Smith will leave a lasting impression on your audience and your business.

As the Former Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Executive of AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions, Mike has consulted with, and spoken to many Fortune 500 companies. He is the bestselling author of two books, WARNINGS: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather and When the Sirens Were Silent.

Mike and is an entrepreneur, and technology expert who makes everyone who files today much safer.

Coach of the Year Mark Potter

Revered Championship basketball coaching great and President of D2UP, a company “Dedicated to Uncommon Principles,” Mark’s new calling in life is to bring hope to others as they overcome adversity through perseverance. Mark’s emotional story of leading his college team to the NCAA Division II level of success while battling depression speaks volumes on team building, leadership, personal development and motivation. Mark has been named Coach of the Year by his conference on three occasions and has been instrumental in empowering others in developing their talents and potential as they realize their dreams.

Entrepreneur Devin W. Walker

Devin W. Walker is a one-of-a-kind entrepreneur, visionary and revolutionary whose creative genius and insight has been an integral part of such companies and brands as PBS, Lollapallooza, PrintPop and Club Tatoo.

The unique lens Devin looks at life through, creates a shift of perspective where others often fail to see the possibilities needed to revive and redevelop products and services. Whether the goal is a personal one or a career minded one, he believes both are inextricably tied together, and uses his wisdom and insight for those looking to improve their life, or the productivity of their team or office. He looks at business as an art form, and outlines the steps needed to increase sales, solve problems, or spark innovation into marching orders that relate to a call to action that can be carried out long after the conference or seminar is over.

Devin’s book, GANGSTAPRENEUR, is a perfect example of his forward thinking that identifies the attributes of gang loyalty, ambition, and the associations that come out of back alleys, and focuses on bringing them to the forefront of a successful business plan.

PhD., M.S., B.A., C.S.C.S., P.E.S., Member A.A.S.P.Dr. Spencer Wood

Internationally renowned speaker, author, and trainer of mental toughness, resiliency, winning team culture, leadership and character development, pressure performance, and the ability to think ‘out of the box.’ For the past 16 years, Dr Wood has spoken at events such as the Nike Coach of the Year Awards, four NCAA Final Four Conventions, three NSCAA National Conventions, and was a featured speaker at the ABCA National Convention, among other national and international marquee conferences and events. In addition to working with Olympic training programs, national team programs, and athletes in professional leagues such as the NBA, Dr Wood’s Mental Toughness EDGE programs, dynamic keynote presentations, and high impact workshops have impacted over 300 athletic, business and corporate teams on four different continents.

Entertainment+Music+Pop+Culture Expert Ron Roecker

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Ron Roecker has been the on-camera media and event spokesperson, pop culture expert for the Grammy Awards, E! News, Access Hollywood, MTV and VH1. He has been featured as the entertainment authority on morning news shows and has worked with Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, recording artists and non-profits, including Madonna, Maroon5, Pink, OneRepublic, Kelly Clarkson, Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, Zac Efron, Ludacris, Black Eyed Peas, Lisa Marie Presley, Roberta Flack, Mariah Carey, Patricia Heaton, Amy Grant, Dave Koz, Taj Mahal, Netflix's "Stranger Things," Live Earth, Al Gore, World Wildlife Fund, Playing For Change Foundation, MusiCares, GRAMMY Foundation, Teen Choice, CBS Television, Univision, and so many more. Ron's client list reads like a "Who's Who" from Rolling Stone or People magazine and he brings his passion and humor from his vast experiences to the podium when he speaks. Ron's Journey from "Hollywood to Humility" is his personal story that is relatable to anyone who has to reinvent or rebrand themselves or is facing a struggle. Meet Ron Roecker of Be Differently.

Media Personality, and performing musician Aaron Wirtz

Aaron Wirtz is a media personality, and performing musician whose constantly evolving electronic music show combines original music, dance and video remixing. Aaron has been featured on Fox & Friends, The Neil Cavuto Show and is a popular speaker to audiences of all ages looking for a presentation on social media bullying, personal development and reputation management. Anyone in business can benefit from his sound business advice on building integrity in the workplace, and students can find encouragement in his actionable information that will leave them feeling confident and inspired.

Entertainment Anthony Powell

You might say Anthony Powell had entertainment in his blood. Growing up in Malibu, with a screenwriter father and best friends Charlie Sheen and Rob Lowe who encouraged him to try acting, Anthony appeared in television, commercials, videos and films and was a news anchor for many years. Anthony is a popular speaker, voice-over artist, on-camera talent, event host and author of a children’s book. A busy entrepreneur, and the founder of Inner City Peace Fashions, Anthony delivers a message of motivation and leadership and using his action steps will encourage others in both their personal lives and professional careers.

MMs. Elite Kansas Cosmos US 2019 + TV News AnchorSierra Scott

Sierra is currently Ms. Elite Kansas Cosmos US 2019. She is also the former Ms. Woman United States, 2017 as well as former Ms. International Queen of Queens 2018. She is a veteran TV news anchor, the current host of the good news show, “Positively Kansas!” and is an award winning journalist, whose work has premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and the United Nations. Sierra is living proof that life begins at 50 and is using her platform to speak to others about battle scars that can be physical or emotional, and how to turn them into warrior wounds that can be used to help and encourage others to greater acceptance. Sierra’s three platforms include Showing your Scars, 50 + and Fearless, and Beating the Bully. Sierra is the perfect choice for any group or organization looking for speaker with a shot of positive encouragement to inspire and motivate their conference attendees or audience members.

Vice President of the NFL Chicago Alumni Chapter

MICHAEL BLAIR Focuses on developing athletes and coaches through rhythm, harmony and balance.

Blair, as he goes by, is a former NFL Running Back who played for the Green Bay Packers, Cincinnati Bengals, New Orlean Saints, and the Kansas City Chiefs. He also played for the National Football League in Europe and the Extreme Football League and finished his career in the Arena Football League. Blair holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Ball State University.

After completion of his professional football career, Blair began his next chapter and founded Ninety10Sports to focus on providing instruction through cerebral development to student athletes, coaching staff, and now along with business and industry leaders who desire to aim higher to reach their goals in life both on and off the playing field. He is also a member of the Jamaican Bob Sled team!

Former Chief Principal Researcher for ALERTBob Mandinyenya

Bob currently lives in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe where he previously worked as the Chief Principal Researcher for ALERT: African Lion & Environmental Research Trust and worked hands on in the wild each day to help with conservation efforts. Bob studied at Cornell University and UC Davis on a Herbert Humphries Fellowship. He is the Founder of 4 C’s Climate-Community-Conservation-Corps, a project to bring vital attention to the urgent need to supply his village with clean drinking water. He is very passionate about wildlife conservation and the need for people and animals to live in harmony with each other and works closely with the WWF-US by collecting data for further study. Bob is probably the only speaker to have been chased by a mad bull elephant and has a lesson to share as a result of his dramatic encounter.

Speaker/EmceeSCOT PIERCE

ScotyP, as he is otherwise known, has fearless energy, integrative wit, and engaging humor for all audiences, sharing stories of experiences growing up as a humble farm boy into a self-proclaimed city fellar in clinical care, pharmaceuticals, and radio. But don’t let the fun facade as a recording artist and concert pre-show hype guy fool you.

Scot spent 18 years saving lives as an MICT Paramedic and a Flight Paramedic transporting patients throughout the continental U.S. and Canada. He has sung at the White House, the U.S. Capitol and Carnegie Hall.

ScotyP has faced death right in the eye, not once, but twice and lived to tell the tale. While the “How” and “What” are exaggeratedly entertaining, the “Why” will enlighten and inspire all audiences both in business and personal settings. The tale how a tragedy became a triumph and the victim became a victor will leave your audience with a memorable message for life, business, and career.

Scot is married to the love of his life and is the father of 3 children and dog Maggie.

Keynote Speaker/EmceeSusan Peters

Susan is a Emmy Award winning news anchor who is has captivated audiences through out her very successful career. Besides winning an Emmy, she has also been recognized by the Associated Press Awards, San Diego Press Club Awards, Kansas Association of Broadcaster Awards, and won a Golden Mic, and a Silver Circle Lifetime Achievement Award.

Susan's career highlights have been interviewing some of the most powerful and influential business and industry experts, including the President of the United States, the Koch brothers, and Tom Brokaw. She has taken their interviews and combined with her wisdom and insight to craft a powerful call to action in "The True Meaning of Success" presentation. It will inspire others growth and change both personally and professionally.

Susan has a love for children and is the President and founder of Susan's Kids, an organization established to make sure that older children get a chance to be adopted. Throughout her career, she has made it a priority to give back to her community, and her weekly segments highlighting kids in need of adoption have truly made a difference.

Keynote Speaker Paula Kidd Casey

Paula Kidd Casey is a former attorney who has written “The Lawyer and The Law of Attraction. In order to get what you truly want, you must redefine your every belief. In her book, Paula outlines the steps to create a new reality by pinpointing one’s purpose to set attainable goals which is the first step in going after ones dreams. Her message and action steps will aid in personal development and motivation to encourage attendees to aim higher and become top performers both in their private life and in their career.

Paula has a BSW from KU and a JD from Washburn. She is a Certified Trainer of Infinite Possibilities, The Art of Changing Your Life, based on the New York Times best selling book by Mike Dooley. Paula is also a Certified Facilitator for Thinking Into Results; A Program for Leaders developed by the legendary Bob Proctor who she considers her close friend and business mentor.

KeyNote Speaker/EmceeDanielle Norwood

Danielle Norwood is a rising star with 580 WIBW TOPEKA. She is an Keynote Speaker/Reporter and the host of the DANIELLE NORWOOD SHOW. Her tag line "Adding some Sass & Class to your Day!" spills over into everything she does.

Danielle was encouraged and mentored by a station owner at an early age to pursue a career in radio. Her touching and emotional backstory will encourage and motivate all audiences who have faced adversity and injustice along the way.

TOOLS OF INFLUENCE Danielle has been recognized by the Kansas Association of Broadcasters and has received the Honorable Mention Special Program Award for her daily show.

SOWING SEEDS OF GREATNESS She is also a popular celebrity appearing at many events as a keynote speaker and a Mistress of Ceremonies. Danielle has a varied business background in the radio industry and has a special heart for young people, having been involved with youth leadership in her church. During her time as the Public Relations Director at the YWCA, she developed a curriculum to emphasize building healthy self-esteem, encourage cultural diversity, and to foster team building skills through personal development. Whether on air or onstage, Danielle's goal is to empower, inspire and entertain with her quick wit, emotional intelligence, and savvy business sense.

Keynote Speaker Juan A. Garcia

JUAN A. GARCIA is a graduate of the university of Texas and a veteran of the United States Armed Forces. He is regarded as the nation's leading multi-national premier entrepreneur, having developed a very impressive client list in the United States and Latin America, including President Vicente Fox of Mexico.

Juan is know for his can do spirit and unwillingness to accept mediocrity when representing his clients. Renowned for his keen sense for business trending, Juan has advised senior executives in numerous industries who have sought out his counsel in developing strategies for launching their brand in Mexico and the rest of Latin America, Blessed with an innate ability to drill down to the code issues within business situations he is sought out by many business people in the United States and foreign countries. He shares his fundamentals of leadership and success with business and industry experts at conferences and seminar events.

Juan A. Garcia is currently involved in the development of sustainable and renewable technologies in water, electricity, and lighting areas that will help commercial and governmental entities reduce their human carbon foot print to assist in cleaning up the environment. He has commissioned the development of technologies that will help in the creation of clean water and the saving energy. As Canada ushered in the broad legalization of cannabis, Juan has also been a consultant for the Mexican government as they set the stage to follow.

Keynote SpeakerCHUCK GUMBERT

CHUCK GUMBERT brings a wealth of life and business experience, as well as a knack for overcoming adversity, to guide numerous others to success. One of Chuck’s first major challenges— overcoming the debilitating effects of polio at age 2—did not stop him from eventually excelling in high school athletics and later becoming a fighter pilot in the U.S. Navy, graduating at the top of his class. His drive for accomplishment, led him to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and become a nationally recognized business leader, entrepreneur, mentor and speaker.

Chuck has been heavily influenced by historic leaders in both business and the military—most notably ZigZiglar, Darren Hardy, Jeff Hayzlett, Vietnam POW Captain John M. McGrath USN Ret. and General George S. Patton.

Chuck’s three books outline his core principles of leadership and success: ACCELERATING PERFORMANCE, PUSHING THE ENVELOPE and PINNACLE LEADERSHIP. His most requested speeches are topics taken from his books to set a plan in place for a blueprint of success.

A true leader in an ever-changing America, Chuck is known for his unique ability to motivate and inspire the audience, rally the troops to get everyone on board working towards a common goal, and launch a solid success strategy for improved and accelerated performance.

Anti-Aging, Certified by American Board of Neurological SurgeryDr. Tim Watt

Dr. Tim Watt was the first physician ever to be certified by both the American Board of Neurological Surgery and The American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine.

He is Veteran serving as Chief of Surgery for the 356th Combat support Hospital and then as Assistant Chief at Neurosurgery at Tripler Army Medical Center.

Dr. Watt. is nationally recognized as an authority on preventative medicine and anti-aging, bringing a unique perspective to the paradigm of staying healthy instead of just seeking treatment after one becomes sick.

He is contributing author and medical editor to the American Academy of Medicines Guide to Anti-Aging & Regenerative Bio medical Technologies and speaks regularly at medical, insurance, HR and business conferences on the benefits of Health and Wellness.

Dr. Watt is helping the masses understand the advantages of following a clean and healthy lifestyle with inside tips, action steps, healthy habits and information spoken that is clear and easy to follow called "It's Not Brain Surgery" on YouTube.

Dr. Watt is married to his wife Kim and and has 5 children. He enjoys travel, down hill skiing, scuba, Okinawan Karate and healthy cooking.

Keynote Speaker Claudia Amaro

Claudia Amaro is a keynote speaker and Cross-Cultural Leadership Coach who addresses the way immigration has affected our nation in the past, and how it continues to do so today. She is passionate about social causes and speaks on diversity in the workplace.

Claudia has remarkable back story that brings attention to solutions that are necessary to create change, her personal journey about starting over is inspirational and focuses on the astonishing strengths that emerged and endured while shaping a new life in America.

No has never been an option for Claudia and she wants to make a difference by becoming a voice for others regarding this and other important topics. She is determined to see the graduation rates for young Latinos to rise. Claudia is the host of Planet Venus on La Raza 99.7 and is an independent business owner. As a graduate of Wichita Leadership Academy, Claudia enjoys motivating others to follow their dreams by reaching for hers.

Keynote Speaker Kim A. Garcia

Kim Garcia is the CEO and Licensed International Forensic Handwriting Practitioner & Analyst for the Seed of Wellness Center, LLC., where she is an expert in the field of Neuro Grapho Therapeutics, or NGT, the adaptable changes to a person by making changes in their handwriting.

Kim conducts clinics to explain NGT and has been responsible for changing hundreds of lives across the world by permanently eliminating all seeds of trauma, abuse, anxiety, fear, sadness, anger, addictions, post-traumatic stress disorder, and suicidal thoughts.

She works with teachers, counselors, state agencies and members of law enforcement to educate them concerning handwriting traits to detect aggressive behaviors, drugs, theft, suicidal tendency and much more.

Kim conducts Handwriting for Healing Forums and Women's Empower Group sessions, and speaks to groups sharing wisdom and insight to help others identify and cause and the chance to reach positive solutions and achieve their desired outcomes into new beginnings.

Kim's proven methods have helped many turn their careers and lives around and she can show your company the science behind our emotions that impact our handwriting. With simple and deliberate changes, your team or employees can rise to their highest potential and increase productivity in the workplace.

Keynote Speaker Armando Neutel

Armando Neutel was born running towards excellence. As a baby, a seizure disorder kept him in and out of hospital, but his faith growing up kept him focused on greater things to come. At the age of 17 he joined Portuguese Naval Academy, rising quickly among the ranks to become a Naval Officer reaching a role where he had 75 people under his care. He was also an active member of NATO working on detection technology. He left after the last commission of 6 years of service in Director of Ships and moved into private sector.

On top of that Armando's heart's journey to evangelize the masses has lead him to Macedonia, Mozambique and Kenya to share the gospel, where he was a street preacher to the country poorest citizens and on to Brazil, eventually moving there to mentor other leaders while working in the corporate world. Armando has sailed and worked around the world within his professional leadership roles, visiting over 30 countries and speaks fluently in 3 languages. He moved to California in 2015 where he currently lives with his wife and kids working as Senior Engineering Program Manager.

Armando is an engineer, physicist and electronics industry executive who holds 10 patents and has worked for the top 2 tech companies in the world and enjoys the role of Christian Leadership and sharing with others about Christ.


Cory Buchta, of Whetstone Speaker Services is our speech and presentation coach, bringing a wealth of experience in one-on-one coaching, to polish up our speakers skill set and get them stage ready.

Conference and keynote speakers set the tone for the entire event, and he helps our speakers prepare and deliver a compelling presentation that is remembered long after the event is over.  

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